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Thanks for dropping by, 

Some of you may know us from long ago (2007 onwards) as a group of youth Makers called the "TUTUers" from Elora Public School and Elora Centre for the Arts. We explored identity and shared skills using textile arts as our voice in the world. 
When our wings grew stronger we flew into the community as "Sparrows". We built temporary nests in Elora Library, Our Home Studio, Studio Kampina~Down the Alley, Studiohere in Fergus and now we have returned home to roost at Elora Centre for the Arts in our very own NEST again (formerly Elora Montessori School).
Such wild and wonderful "Volunteer Birds" have helped us along the way! We are deeply thankful for them all!
Now we are so fortunate to welcome ADULT SPARROWS and FAMILIES into our DROP-IN sessions in the nest! We continue to explore collaborative mixed media art making with donated and found objects, using curiosity to repurpose and mend. We celebrate resourcefulness, diversity and friendship as we work.
You will often find us supporting community projects and events by sharing and wearing our art to inspire and delight! 

For many years our community have kindly donated wonderful pre-loved art supplies and found objects. Materials that we are unable to use are donated to Groves Hospital New to You in Fergus or shared with other community groups
We thank you for your continued support and cheering as we weave art and community together.
SPECIAL THANKS to Fergus~Elora Rotary Clubs, The Elora Lions, The Minarovich Arts Fund, Centre Wellington Community Foundation, Elora Centre for the Arts, Elora Library, 100 CW Men Who Care and the support of our generous community for your kind support over the years!
We flew far because of you!
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